• Koth Undergound Festival -

    Thessaloniki 30 Sep 2017

  • Live Concert at


    For the first time, I will have a live concert performing my music. This will happen at 19 Feb 2017 at a very nice stage in Thessaloniki city. Solon Michailides stage of the National State Orchestra.


    I'll perform playing the Organ and George Lascarides will perform the Trumpet...


    See here the official announcement.

    Below you can see our first rehearsal with George.

  • Aegean sea

    (the sea of great myths)

    A chill out tune. The trumpet and the Hang drum are the main instruments for this track. Video made by me.

  • Chasing Ghosts -

    The Abandoned railway station

  • The Blue -

    A tribute to Greece

    This is a small contribution for my country Greece.

    The Blue is a composition dedicated to the nicest color that surely Greece has everywhere. Μillions of people come every year and enjoy it. Sea and sky cultivate free minds and make ideas grow. Greece has contributed in so many and different sections in culture and science to the world.

    The terminology of medicine is almost in Greek language.

    Even in music, the scales that make music as we know it today are made by Pythagoras from Samos (my birth island).

    Such a small country with such a large contribution.

    And this time we are again in the center of the world with a negative face, as the people that spend money that they don’t have, and they don’t like working, and are lazy.

    It’s difficult to speak for all of us, but I can do this for my small circle. We work and we like to enjoy our lives. We’re open minded, we like to help people that need help. We love laughing and having a good time. This is who we are!

    Even now that our lives have changed dramatically

  • Aura

    We feel the Aura around us.. Many times it guides us to move different places and decisions....

  • Traces of Life

    (Music - Poetry and Video)

     The verses are made by Pavlina Ferfeli.

  • Modern Orchestration

    This is really a big discussion. In the era of the technology, computers, audio cards, virtual instruments, and music software that “helps” the musician to compose, things have become really strange. Quality in music has dropped down.


    Many “musicians” think that they’ll become composers by using music software. The reality is my friends, that reading is important for writing!! You can’t be a writer if you don’t know how to read.


    And music is also a language. It really makes me a huge impression how many say that they are composers without knowing music.


    Yes, technology is the best tool for the modern composer. I’m really happy for using it. I remember when I started composing I was using a four channel cassette recorder, and sounds that you couldn’t recognize the trumpet from piano.


    But my friends, technology is the tool. The power hides behind the knowledge.



  • 40 Palikaria -

    Greek folk song (re-arranged)

    This is a Greek folk song firstly listened at about 1860.

    I have re-harmonized and re-made this tune, in an epic cinematic style for you to reach Greek civilization that still exists.

    This is a global sounding tune that I hope you’ll all enjoy.

    Many years back Vangelis the famous Greek composer had also made this tune.

    The video is made by Thomas Schoenberger my partner at Sophiamusik.

    It speaks about some guys (40) that were going from Levadia (town about 80km north of Athens) to Topolitsa and asked from an old man to guide them there. The old man said that it would be better for them to take his son for guide that is stronger and faster!